Yard Dominoes

Yard Dominoes

I was ask to make a Yard Dominoes set by a customer. It came at a perfect time, there also a wooden game challenge as well setup by Jason Rausch. The challenge is to make a game using wood and make a video by July 8th. No prizes on this one just for fun. I made the set for the customer got paid and submitted the video for the challenge. WIN, WIN.

A Little history lesson for you Dominoes according to Wikipedia: The oldest confirmed written mention of dominoes in China comes from the Former Events in Wulin (i.e. the capital Hangzhou) written by the Yuan Dynasty (1271–1368) author Zhou Mi (1232–1298), who listed “pupai” (gambling plaques or dominoes) as well as dice as items sold by peddlers during the reign of Emperor Xiaozong of Song (r. 1162–1189).[1] Andrew Lo asserts that Zhou Mi meant dominoes when referring to pupai, since the Ming author Lu Rong (1436–1494) explicitly defined pupai as dominoes (in regards to a story of a suitor who won a maiden’s hand by drawing out four winning pupai from a set).


Started with a 1X4, Cut to 7″. Set up a stop block to make these cut you need 100 of them. Then a single saw blade with dado right across the middle. This will start to form the Classic domino shape. Dominoes are twice as long and  they are wide. You can make these using any diminutions you wish.  Once that was done, I made 12 templates for marking the Pips or holes. I used an awl to mark all 1092 pips. Then came back with a fine tipped marker to highlight them. This will make it easier to see while drilling the pips. I then used a 5/8″ forstner bit to dill out each pip on each domino.

1092, 1092, 1092, 1092, 1092, 1092, 1092, 1092, 1092, 1092, 1092, 1092, 1092

Needless to say I was there a while!
Do yourself a favor and make another set of templates to paint the pips. This will help eliminate over spray and make sanding easier. Have some extra sand paper on hand as well. After a while the sandpaper got clogged and streaked paint across the title. Each number got its own color. This will make it easy while playing the game.  (note: keep in mind the like tiles should have completely different colors) example 12 and 6 should be completely different. At first glance the tiles look similar, but if you make one purple and one gray they stick out.



Domino Hub

Per the customers request, She wanted this center hub made as well. Not sure what it used for but I found a few pictures and it seems to be used for Mexican Train Dominoes. I started with gluing up three boards to get a 21″ X 21″ square.
The final shape needs to be an octagon. The easiest way to get this is to have another square the same size. Find center on both drill a hole in one of them. place it on top running a nail through the hole lining up the center marks. Then twist the top square to 45 degrees and trace the edge. This will give you even spaced edge for your octagon. Cut along the line and you got your shape.
Trace out a full tile in the center. Then a half tile at center of each side of the octagon. Cut the whole piece in half.
Stack the two halves on top of each other. Then cut out your lines. this gives you that funny shape. This is a good time to sand your piece. Then I added hinges to the two halves. I drilled down deep enough to inset the hinges. I also added my brand on this piece.


I packed everything up and shipped it.


Thanks to a little drone action I got a few got camera shots.