X-Carve Assembly, Project and Review

I was contacted by Inventables back in early June for the most part Michael (My Inventables contact) said, Do a video with your honest review of the X-Carve and we will give you one to keep. Outlined below was the actual email sent to me with the details.

Here’s a basic outline of what I’d be looking for, please look it over and let me know what you think:

YouTube video producer will receive:

  • One X-Carve kit with all components necessary to get started.
  • Standard (awesome) Inventables customer support

YouTube video producer will:

  • Produce and publish a video on YouTube (with accompanying blog post if standard practice) of their honest review of the assembly and first project experience with X-Carve.
  • Post the project details and instructions in the projects section of Inventables.
  • Place links to Inventables in the video description, as well as clickable graphics in the video if standard practice.
  • Include a link to Inventables in other places where the video is posted/shared, such as a blog, Twitter, Facebook, etc.
With in seconds I agreed to the terms. This is all the same things I do for my video anyway, so why not. The only thing extra I needed to do is a project to submit to Inventables Project Page.
Without any more setup to this great opportunity let get this built.
vlcsnap-00001The waste board came in, about four days before the core products. Some parts got suck in costumes and delayed the shipping for a few days. The waste board got put together first. I’m glad I did the board first. The instructions says this is one of the last steps. I see no real reason not to do it first. Plus it gave a me a work surface to assemble the rest of the project.
Wow!!! There is a lot of parts to put together. The phrase some assembly required has a whole new meaning. All and all the assembly took about 12 hours. and additional 4-6 hours to adjust put in the finally location and get started with Easel, the free 2.5D online software.
Once started in the assembly it flowed very well. The embedded YouTube video’s are perfect if you don’t want to read all the instructions. I also referred the the written instruction to get the part numbers for the parts needed for each step. Each step was set up by first telling you, how many of what part you need. The first thing I did on every step was pull each part and the right amount.
The wiring was a lot easier then I expecting. They really did a great job simplifying it for the Do-It-Yourselfers.  The only thing I would change with the wire instructions is some more details about the optional limit switches. I for the most part had to guess on where the wires go. I was off by one pin and had to go back and re-due the wiring for the limit switches.
I made this drawer while the drawer front was being carved. The drawer mounts under the unit and holds all the tools that I will need to work on the X-Carve with.
Here is some close ups of the whole assembly. I can’t thank Michael Una and Zach Kaplan at Inventables enough for this great opportunity.

Here are some upgrade thing I would like to do very soon.

Hold Down clamps By: Paul Kaplan, Dust Collection By: Michael Delvaux, Electronic Encloser By: Jeremy Richards, Spiral Clamps By: Paul Kaplan, DeWalt Spindle Mount By: Inventables
Learn more about Inventables by watching the video above. I also had the opportunity to go to the Inventables office and take a tour and sit down with Zach Kaplan the founder and CEO. I asked a few questions and got a inside look at the facilities.

Thank You Inventables!!!