MMM #13 (Woodworking Community)

MMM # 13

The Bearded Woodworker AKA Matt Brander


Matt had some misfortune happen to him this week. His shop gotten broken into and a lot of his tools had been stolen. Even after the emotional roller coaster he went on. He posted this on his Facebook, “Some may have already heard that my shop got robbed the other night. The police have told me they believe it was someone who knew my tools where there by what they left at the scene. To whom ever they are that stole my tools I want to say I forgive you. I personally know what it is like to make horrible mistakes at a bad time in your life.” I’ve had the good fortune of talking to Matt for the last 6 months or so. He is a true gentleman and a great woodworker. He is so positive about life, friends and family. I like to think I’m apart of that.

Charles Dearing has started a go-fund-me fundraiser to help him get some of his tools back. The last time I looked it was up to $610.00. After talking to Matt he said “I lost about $4,000 worth of tools, but at least they didn’t take my grandfather tools.” He was more worried about the family heirloom. He said “The everyday tools can be replaced, but I can’t replace my grandfathers tools.”

If you would like to help Matt replenish his stolen tools here the link.