Wooden Mallet

Wooden Mallet

From a old Hickory pallet to a new wooden Mallet. This mallet has a good handle and a good size mallet head. Filled with melted lead to give you a nice feel and dead blow effect. Check out how I take a scrap piece of pallet lumber to a useful tool and a must have in the shop. 

Started with a scrap piece of hickory that came from a pallet. 2.5″ x 2.5″ x 12″. Turned the blank round to a large dowel rod.

I started by using my hand to lay out the lines, after all it need to fit my hand. Then I started turning the handle portion first. I want a seamless flow through the hilt of the mallet.

The head couldn’t be easier. I used the full width of the blank and tapered down to where the handle began. This was a very small tapper. Then I took a 3/4″ bit to drill a hole into the top as far as I can go. It ended up being about 5″ deep. This is used to fill up with lead.

Make a slight tapered plug that fits into the hole drilled in prier step. Flip the handle and use tail stop to hold the piece. Finish the bottom of the handle.

vlcsnap-00013Cut the tapered plug off and use it later as a plug for the top of the mallet.

You will need some sort of a metal funnel. I didn’t have one, so I made one from a pop can. I cut the can body of a pop can out and rolled it into a funnel shape. I used a piece of foil tape to hold it. Then melted the fishing line weights down to a liquid and pored the lead into the 3/4″ hole at the top.

vlcsnap-00018This gives the mallet a nice dead blow feel to it.

vlcsnap-00019Plugged the hole, sanded and put a coat of oil on it.