The winner of these beautiful pen!!!!

Give Away

The name are listed below with a number.

I plugged the amount into the generator and the winner is… 



#2 FrThomas Bailey OSB

More details on the pens that was  won you can find here.

I’ll reach out to you and get your address and have them in the mail.

For those that don’t know who FrThomas is, he has a YouTube Channel called Monk Werks. He makes some really cool things, one a my favorites is the Jenga-Style Mailbox Bank Video.

For everyone else; I have a gift you as well. M.F. WoodShop Stickers.

The only thing I ask is to email me your address and in the subject box put the number beside you name.

  1. Patrick Curtis
  2. FrThomas Bailey OSB
  3. Teddy Gentry
  4. Brian Gidney
  5. Paul Desmond
  6. Scott Mogler
  7. Chris Aheearn
  8. Nicholas Gomez
  9. Randy Green
  10. Jeremy Urban
  11. Jan Urban
  12. Toyna Wilwoit
  13. Charlie McKeefry
  14. Charles Grimm
  15. Toaden Maiale
  16. Michael Caudill
  17. Lloyd Edge
  18. Steve Collins
  19. David Verkruyse
  20. Steve Pustay
  21. John Roland
  22. JD Ransom
  23. Daniel Kuczera
  24. Ken Grosvenor
  25. Michael Flynn
  26. Neil Newman
  27. Dorald Keefer
  28. Alex Anderson
  29. Waynes Hinton
  30. Bob Rlanford
  31. Dan Valleskey
  32. Jaime Drew
  33. Marie Shank
  34. Mark Bayberry-Billiot
  35. Troy Campbell
  36. Ty Moser
  37. Timothy Babb
  38. Steve Carmichael
  39. Richard Locklair