Whats the rage all about?

Whats the rage all about?

I have been given a chance to test out and play with the Rage3 10″ sliding miter saw. Evolution is working hard to get establish in the US and has asked me to check out and review the Rage3 saw. I have created a video for your viewing and here are some after thoughts to follow up with the video.

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RAGE3 10″ Sliding Miter Saw

Cuts wood and metal With One Saw & One Blade!

  • Straight from Evolution’s web site features: Utilizing patented professional RAGE® technology; easily cuts Steel, Aluminum, Wood (even wood with nails) and Plastic, using just one blade! Features a hi-torque gearbox, which reduces motor stresses, improving performance and durability.
    • Review Response: I found this very true. In fact I was expecting the saw to bog down a little when I cut the metal for the first time. I notice the saw cut the metal very easily with no bog down or troubles. I believe the saw cut the metal better then the wood.

  • Straight from Evolution’s web site features: Advanced performance; out performs normal saws. When cutting Steel, it leaves an instantly workable finish, producing no heat, no burr and virtually no sparks – unlike alternative methods.
    • Review Response: I don’t have first hand experience with other metal cutting saws. I have seen many videos cutting metal. With that knowledge I’ve seen most chopping saws use a disc to cut the metal, much like a grinder wheel disc, this creates a lot of sparks. With the RAGE3 it uses a unique blade design that almost eliminates this sparking action. I say almost, because I seen some sparks, mostly the metal chips flying all over the place was my issue. I was super impressed that I could handle the metal after the cut. It wasn’t hot, It had very little burr. A very clean cut.

  • Straight from Evolution’s web site features: Compound tilt and slide mechanism, for long angled cuts, offers a solution to almost all common applications. See the Evolution Miter Saw Cutting Guide. Supplied with Multipurpose Blade, Top Clamp & Manual.
    • Review Response: Right out of the box, I had to adjust the all the setting on the saw. The miter was out 4°, the bevel was out 3°. It true the saw has a sliding feature to it. Although the slide moves very easily, the further away from the fence the blade gets you do lose a little accuracy. This will not matter at all for metal work. You could run into some issue with wood it your needing to build something that is perfectly square with no gaps. I would say it better then all the saws I’ve used. I would also say there are some saws that would be better for wood use only. I like the top clamping feature. It seem to hold better then the front clamping action. Adding the sliding, the compounding, the multipurpose blade and the top clamping action, with the price of the unit. This is a great buy.

  • Straight from Evolution’s web site features: Features an ultra-secure top clamp and chip deflector. Plus a laser guidance for optimum accuracy. Other features include a robust outer casing which enhances durability on even the most demanding metallic applications.
    • Review Response: This is where I disagree. The top clamp is good. Not sure what it means by chip deflector. If it means deflects the chips everywhere, I agree. The laser… I didn’t have any luck with the laser. I never got it to align with a cutting line. While adjusting the laser I manager to break it. In evolution defense this could be user error. I may have adjusted things wrong where it could have tiled the laser causing to never align. In my defense It should have three points of alignment not just two.    

  • Straight from Evolution’s web site features: Don’t forget: Evolution’s 10″ Diamond Blade which transforms this miter Saw into a sliding tile cutter; ideal for roof tiles! Other accessories include the Evolution miter Saw Stand, Front Clamp, Side Extension, Repeat Stop & Dust Bag.
  • Straight from Evolution’s web site features: Why would you buy a saw that only cuts wood? When you can buy a RAGE3® multipurpose saw!
    • Review Response: I believe for the price you can’t go wrong. This saw has a really nice all in one setup. In my option is perfect for on the go working, job sites and nearly everyday use in your shop. The only real reason to go to a different miter saw would be size and fine accuracy.