Water Misting Tubes

Water Misting Tubes

Easy DIY project for the garden. Water misting sticks can be made for fun, the garden or just to cool off. Here you can find links the the misting nozzles and and short how to article.


3/4″ PCV
3/4″ PCV cap
3/4″ PVC elbow
3/4″ PCV male Adapter – Link
3/4″ FH x 3/4″FIP fitting – Link
Brass Misting Nozzles – Link
PVC Primer and Glue


Mark out where you want your nozzles. I chose every 9″ in a straight line. You of coarse can put them any where you want. Drill a 5/32″ hole on your mark.


These brass nozzles are very small and the link is in the parts listing above.
Thread the nozzles into the holes. Start them by hand then use a pair of pliers to finish them. Note: I found after testing I had to back them out about a 1/4 turn.
I chose a simple “L” shape. Again you can setup the pipe how ever fits your needs. Don’t forget to use primer and glue on your fitting. Also use Teflon tape on the brass hose fitting.
I was even think heating the PVC to create a circle or even getting flexible pipe instead of PCV.
Hook up the hose and test the nozzle you may have to back the nozzles out a 1/4 turn to make them work.