Turned – Pen/Pencil Jar

Pen/Pencil Jar (Cherry)

Project date: March 2014

IMG_6673     This Cherry Pen/Pencil Jar was one of my very first segmented turning. To accomplish the height needed for the jar, I chose staves cut at 6″ long. Each stave, 6 in total, also cut at 30° on each long side. Once all six parts was cut I then glued them together forming a six sided block of wood. Next I glued a one inch thick bottom to and used that to mount it to the wood lathe. I used the face place to mount the part with on each screws, this would leave me about 1/4″ thick base once everything was turned down.

Once mounted to the lathe, I first started by using a two inch forstner bit to drill out most of the material. Doing this leaves lots of burn marks, but a little work with the scrapper it cleans up nice. After all this was done it left me with a 2 1/4 hole for the pens/Pencils.

I moved back to the outside of the Jar and rounded it to a final dimension of three inches. Then I worked through the various stages of sand paper starting at 150g then 220g and last 320g. At this point I was thinking it was to plain and need something. I got the detail spindle gouge and cut in two V grooves. Also cut a taper at the top about 45º. Sanded everything again and the final shape is done.

I finished it with two coats of boiled linseed oil and wax. Then I buffed it out and the rich look of the Cherry wood comes to life.