Top Hat Pallet Project

Top Hat

Sterling Davis 2nd annual pallet up-cycle challenge. This year I made a project that just don’t have a real function. I just wanted to see if i could make one. The Top Hat project was fun and had fun just making it. I cranked up the music on the head phones and just went at it. Take a look at all the other project submitted this year on this play list.


vlcsnap-00003The pallet I started with was a half pallet that I got from a big box store.
vlcsnap-00007Of that pallet this is what i salvaged. Including the 2X4’s that I didn’t show.
Planed, Jointed and ripped the planks to clean the up. They actually cleaned up nice. Not sure what kind of wood it is. While sanding it had a nice smell to it.
vlcsnap-00012Cross cut to about 9″ then glued up 8 panels. then off to the CNC while glue dried.
vlcsnap-00013vlcsnap-00014Using Easel a free software that Inventables has. I made an oval to fit my big head. My case it was 6.5 wide and 7.75 long on the inside cut.
vlcsnap-00016This one was the first of nine rings. This is the rim of the hat it needed to be wider then the others. The rest was the same cut over and over. I choose a 1/8 bit, feed rate of 20per inch. and .28 depth pass. It took a while.
The last ring to mill was the 2×4 from the pallet. It also did not receive the inner cut to close the top of the hat. Just glued and pin nailed the rings together to go vertical with the hat. Nine rings in total including the rim and the top.
Sanding, sanding and sanding not going to lie it was a lot of sanding. Doing the ring this way all your sanding is end grain. After smooth enough rounded the top and the inside of the rim.
 vlcsnap-00023Two coats of black gloss, I recommend the 2x coverage that will prime and print in one step plus fill in some cracks.
vlcsnap-00025The hat turned out great and lots of fun to make. It didn’t cost anything but time. Well worth the time to learn a new way to do something.