I had this idea a few days after I got my lathe. It took about six months to get around to do the project. I wanted a project that would include every power tool I own. Well I didn’t quite get all of them, but i did get most.


With the board each stick of poplar was 14 inches and I divided them into thirds. I use and half-lap joint to interlock the four sticks together forming the overall board. Primed it gray, then used black latex paint. I applied three coats sanding between the second and third coat with 320g.

The X’s was easier then I was expecting. I set up two scraps one on top of the other in an X pattern. Once I liked the layout I just traced it. Set the Dado blade up and a miter gauge to match the angle and cut it. The Circle’s was done on the lathe and some day I’ll be able to make two identical pieces. This was not that day, all four came out different sizes. I thought it’s a kids toy and they won’t know or care. I pressed on to sanding all the pieces and again primed and painted use the same steps from above.

Check out my YouTube video of this build and stay tuned to more post.