Things to know #2 – September

Things to know #2

I like to thank you for check out the Thing to Know Blog. I had an over whelming response to the first one and I would like to thank you for that as well. What is going on in September? First I would like to hear from you leave me a comment below and let me know what your doing this month. The woodworking community is in rare form this month. We just ended Sterling Davis’s pallet up-cycle challenge. If you missed that here is the link to the play list over 80 great videos to watch. Still waiting on those results, but I’m sure Sterling is working on them now. Zac Higgins finished his August give away; here is the link to that if you missed it. So let see whats going on in September.



This years WIA is being held September 25-27, 2015 in Kansas City, MO at the Sheraton Crown Center. This year will be very special to the YouTube woodworkers. The event this year will have a booth for video woodworkers hosted by many of your favorite YouTube wood workers. Check out the link to see all the creators that will be attending. Among this great event there will be a Memo meet up hosted by Steve Ramsey it will be held at the Gordon Biersch Brewery & Restaurant on Sept. 26th after the WIA show ends, this is a stones throw away from the WIA event. I’m really looking forward to this.


photo(2)Brian at Summers woodworking just kicked off his 3rd annual bird house challenge. The contest runs from Sept. 2nd 2015 to Oct. 2nd 2015. Some great prizes will be given away including: Fastcap, M-Power, Centipede, Jack Clamps, General Finishes, 12vtools, EZ Stud Rack, Home Depot gift card, and gear from these great YouTube channels: Manhattan Wood Project, Miter Mike, My woodwooking world, Simply wooden Creations. To stay up to date with this month long contest visit



photoJason McGinn and Matt Brander continues to bring the community together. They just started a new community on Google Plus The X-Carve Community. This is a private community that you can join if you have an X-carve and are willing to put in good content to help the others along the journey of owning and using the X-Carve. If you fit this profile send a message to Jason McGinn or Myself and we can send you an invite to the group. If you don’t have a X-Carve, no worries they still have the Maritime WoodWorker Show almost every Saturday Night at 7:00pm Eastern. Within this show you mostly just hang out and talk about a few different topics from safety in the shop to what tools to buy. This Saturday Sept 5th, 2015 the main topic will be the X-Carve. This should be a great informational show. If you don’t own one or if you’re thinking of getting one this show should provide you with some answers with your concerns.


photo (1)

My channel recommendation this month. The Shavingwood Workshop. Tommy P. keeps putting out great projects and with his own weekly shop update “In the Shavings” he features the audience’s questions. If you have a question for him, send an email and he may answer your question on the show. I like this approach. He sums everything up well. His latest project was a simple tapering jig with an added bonus of a handle. A simple improvement but very effective. Keep up the great work Tommy P. and make some shaving.


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