Things to know #1

Welcome to the first “Things to know” article. Forgive me I’m new to this type of article. My idea is to publish an article at least once a month. I hope to share channels, information about other content creators, any outstanding video’s I’ve noticed also up and coming contest or giveaways. So sign up for the news letter and don’t miss out on these articles. If you notice or have something you would like shared, feel free to email me the information and or links to Now, lets begin with Things to Know #1.

Amber's 023 - Copy - CopySterling Davis is doing an up cycle pallet wood challenge. Real simple to join. Make something using pallet wood and release a video on YouTube. For more details click here. Sterling has a blog on this challenge as well. Here you can find a full list of the supporters. Some great gifts were donated including tools and shirts.  One of the best things Sterling is doing for every entry he is donating money to the Wounded Warriors Project. There is a for list of other great channels that is matching what Sterling is donating. Stop by Sterling’s YouTube channel and show some support. Check out the play list he has created for this years pallet up cycle challenge.

photoZac Higgins at NV Woodwerks has started a monthly giveaway. He started this last month when he reached 2000 subscribers. He had such a great response he decided to make it a monthly deal. If you’ve have ever put together a giveaway and organized the logistics of it, you understand what it takes. I can personally tell you it is mentally exhausting. So hats off to Zac, he has taken on this challenge to bring you an opportunity to win some cool stuff. This month runs from August 16th – August 23rd of 2015. There is still time enter. All you have to do is go to Zac’s website sign up, there is eleven different way you can do this. The more you share the better the chances.

IMG_1338My Channel recommendation this month is Braxton Wirthlin. You may remember him by the 2X4 Championship belt he made. If you haven’t seen this video stop what your doing and watch it. It is one of those projects that has no purpose but to say you’ve built one. He ran with the idea of a WWE belt and created one of his own. Great project and great video. Braxton also just released a Giant Jega game made with 2X4’s. This project is cheap, easy and fast. Jenga game that the whole family can enjoy. Go check out Braxton’s YouTube channel. Tell him I sent you.

I hope you enjoy this type of article. Like I said, I would like to do this once a month. Thank you for stopping by and thank you for all your continued support.