Drill Bit Storage Cabinet

Drill Bit Storage Cabinet

I needed to get all my drill bits in one place. This cabinet is going to fit under the drill press and store all the drill bit in my shop. Including the Kiss Drill Bit System from FastCap. This can also be used for a bench top drill press stand. Add some wheels maybe go a bit higher with the cabinet this could be a good solution for those bench top drill presses.

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Clamp Rack

Clamp Rack

A while back I started a dividing wall in the shop. ┬áThis dividing wall had many different ideas for. I was working on plans for a panel saw at one point and a panel clamping system at another point. I have decided to put my woodworking clamps up instead. Here’s how I did it. I have plans available for this clamp rack in my shop.

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Woodworking Plans

Woodworking Plans

Did you know I have started making plan? Although this is a new process for me I do offer several set of plans for some of my recent builds. I will be adding more and more plans to my inventory over the next several months. Most of the time I’ll be doing plan for the project I do a video on. From time to time I will be doing them on past projects that I’ve done to build up inventory and to catch my self up to date. Leave me a comment if there is a pass video you would like a set up plans for. Check back regularly for updates. Continue reading “Woodworking Plans”

Tetris Box

Tetris Puzzle Box

Simple thought, simple cuts, simple design. Easy right?


This easy to look at project, turned in to a 5 hour head ache. I had this little idea to make this box and though it would go quick and easy, I even had a plan drawn out. Well the fist two pieces wasn’t bad, then more part got added. Problems just compounded and it turned into a real pain. I challenge you to make you. A project that you have to do to understand. Continue reading “Tetris Box”

Mail Box Post

Red Cedar Mail Box Post

A co-worker gave me some old Handyman of America books. As I was thumbing through them I came across this design for a mail box post. The design was perfect for my needs. I have been wanting to redo our post for the last 5 or so years. I hit the old post with a Semi truck. Yup, I said Semi truck. Come to find out you don’t even feel hitting a mail box while driving the truck. I guess it could have been worst. Let get this great design built.

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