Drill Bit Storage Cabinet

Drill Bit Storage Cabinet

I needed to get all my drill bits in one place. This cabinet is going to fit under the drill press and store all the drill bit in my shop. Including the Kiss Drill Bit System from FastCap. This can also be used for a bench top drill press stand. Add some wheels maybe go a bit higher with the cabinet this could be a good solution for those bench top drill presses.

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Drill Press Table Accessories

Drill Press Accessories

In follow up from last weeks project the Drill Press Table,┬áhere are some add-on’s. First thing that was made is a simple stop block. A very simple design to make use of the T-Track that was installed. The next thing that was made are roller hold downs. Is that the right name for them? Anyway that what i’m calling them today. They work very well for dowel joinery. Simply push your work piece on the fence and push the hold down against it. Let the wheels do the rest.

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