DeWalt Themed Scooter

DeWalt Themed Mobility Scooter

While at the woodworking show in Indianapolis. My wife and I seen several mobility scooter at the venue. While holding all the stuff I bought and trying to find somewhere to sit to eat, one of these carts com rolling through with his products and a his food. I thought to myself that would be perfect for a place like this. So the next day, more out of curiosity then anything I looked on Craigslist for a mobility cart. I found a listing for $25.00, after reading the description I came to the conclusion that this cart worked and the owner just didn’t know how to fix the wiring. The owner just wanted to get rid of it. So I went after it. hints to the beginning of the build.

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Music Wall Art

Music Wall Art

Near the beginning of the school year my daughter started band, she playing the alto saxophone, the same instrument I played when I was in school. I had this idea to make a music stand. The back board was going look like sheet music. Well my first attempt failed and was unable to find a good way to do it. So I decide to finish the back part of it and create wall art instead. Here’s how it came out, a Scroll Saw project.

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