Inlay Glue Tray

Inlay Glue Tray

I know everyone has had this happen. you are working on a project and need to glue something up. You apply the glue and spread it with a glue brush. then you set the glue brush on the work surface getting glue all over the surface. Well I have came up with a way to prevent that. Using a simple silicone sponge tray. I inlay the tray in the surface of my assembly table flush. Its ALWAYS out of the way and right wear I need it. I can also use it for a pop holder.

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Assembly Table W/Plans

Assembly Table

Now that the miter station is pretty much done. I have room and a need for an assembly table. This is one of those projects that has been way over due. I have use the out feed table as an assembly table for years. This works, but you end up having to move a lot of stuff to make the next cut. A dedicated assembly table is the answer.  Plans are available for this build.

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