Steam Box

Rockler’s Steam Box Kit


I was good enough last last year to get this Awesome wood bending kit for Christmas. I have been wanting to bend wood for a very long time, but it was one of those things I never want to invest the money to try. This past Christmas I got this beginners kit from Rockler and now I ready to try. Just like every thing I do, This will be an ongoing learning curve. I invite you to join the process and this is step one in this life long journey.

One thing great about this kit. It comes with everything you need, just add wood. I used the pine boards and a few scrap plywood boards. The over all body I used 1 X 6 X 8. I cut the is haft. This gave me 4, 1 X 6 X 4.
The two sides, I laid them next to each other and started my lay out. I marked a line every four inches. then drew that line across each board at the same time. Next marked a three inch line up from the bottom part of the board on each line.
vlcsnap-00008 At each mark, on both boards I drilled a 3/4″ hole 1/2″ deep.
This step was tricky. Dowels are cut 5.25″ Just stay with it!
The feet need to be different sizes. A scrap piece of plywood with a 2.5″ hole cut into it. Then cut it in half leaving two pieces with half mood shape cut out. Then take one and trim off to 1.5″ tall. and the other 3″ tall. This give you a slope for the water to drain out the back.
vlcsnap-00002The back piece has the brass fitting supplied in the kit. The instructions tell you to place it in the middle. This is where the steamer gets connected. Not shown here, also a drain hole is drilled 3/16″ in the middle, at the bottom.
The front of the box or loading end gets a door. I also use scrap plywood for this. The kit comes with the hinges and latch. I turned a door knob. to complete the door. Before putting on the hardware use sealing tape to get a air tight fit. the tape is not supplied in the kit.
Working door, and air tight. SORT OF!
vlcsnap-00023Over all the box is about 4 foot long. Do better planning then me. Have a home for it first, this is not a tool that your going to use everyday. At least for me I won’t use it everyday.
vlcsnap-00024It takes about 20 minutes to get to 200 degrees
vlcsnap-00026Well it worked it need to stay in longer and use a bending jig to bend your wood. Good test run!!!