Soldering Station

Soldering Station

Sometimes things on your todo list just get pushed back and back. While building the DeWalt Scooter. I needed to repair a lot of wires and make new connections. I wanted to solder them and I did. What I quickly found out. I need a third hand to hold the wires together. Also had a hard time keeping all the item at one station. I fix these issue today. The Soldering station has a third hand also stores the soldering iron and the solder all in one place.

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I starter with the thimble, a small scrap of cherry turned down with a 5/8″ tenon. This holds the solder.
The base is walnut. It gets cut to size and get this little 1/8″ notch cut into.

That notch is for the soldering iron holder. Mine had this black base that the it fit into. I pulled it a part to fit into the wood instead. When you build one of these, try this holder. It should easier.
Next a 5/8″ hole for the thimble.
Helping Hand gets 2 holes drill so you can mount it to the base.
Rounds over the corners and edges. The home disc sander makes quick work of this.

The thimble gets a 1/8″ through hole. This give the solder a place to start the winding.
Mount rubber feet on the bottom.
Final steps just put everything on the base. With a layout that’s comfortable to you.