Shoulder Plane

Shoulder Plane Kit

I entered Joe’s 3k Giveaway and won! Joe at Joe Basement Woodworking gave me a shoulder plane kit from Today, I assemble it. Along with the should plane kit I got some other goodies in the mail. Hat and lanyard came for Woodworker 631. Also got a Saw Stop hat from Dale Gomm. Thank you all for the gifts. Today let focus on the Shoulder Plane.
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The shoulder plane kit is produced by Hock Tools and this kits parts number is KS075. With in the kit is comes with everything you need to assemble the plane. The instruction are easy to follow and on the website there is easy to follow along videos.
Start with a dry assembly. Use spring clamps to set the parts in the right place. The ends should be flush. Test fit the blade. It should be just about flush with the bed. Once everything is aligned use stronger clamps to make sure nothing moves around during the next step.
Use a 1/4″ drill bit to drill through hole at the top of the plane. If you need to remove the drill place one of the dowels in a hole you already drill to keep things align. Although it does really matter where these holes are. Think ahead about the design of your plane and you should be able to completely cut them out later. Or use a contrasting dowel for a extra design feature.
Dry assemble half the plane. Make a mark where the blade opening is so you can put paste wax in that area and not glue. Test fit the blade and wedge. You may have to sand the wedge to fit tight and flat against the blade and plane body.
 Use a Q-tip to put paste wax in the blade open area on each side panel, also put wax on the end grain where the blade and wedge will be.
Apply wood glue on all mating surfaces. Try not to get any glue on the areas where the blade and wedge goes. Insert the dowel and glue them in as well. Clamp everything together and let dry. While this is drying use you time to sharpen the blade.
Use your method of sharpening the blade should be 37.5°
Cut the dowels flush. Sand each side flat. Then use a square block the sand the plane bed flat and square.
You may have to file the blade opening a little. Take you r time with this step. The best fit would be the blade just barley coming through the mouth. Make small adjustment at a time. Then test fit until you achieve the desire fit.
Make any conferrable design you want. Cut to your line and finish sanding to remove the line. Then hand sand to 220g. Use a router to round over the edges (not the bed edges).

Use any type of oil finish to protect the plane and bring out the beauty of the wood.