Shop Update

Shop Update

I have bee really busy getting the miter saw station done. Over the last few weeks I have been spending my free time in the shop working on it. Well good new I just wrapped up the last little bit tonight. and work on the video edit for video 3. Video 2 is about to release and sense you follow me here I’ll share the unlisted link with you. Let take a look at some pictures.

Big Thank You to the sponsors for this video series. TigerPly and Kreg Tools.

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Original Design

To start the this whole process I had to free up a wall. I more the cabinets from the back wall to the side wall.
The plywood has arrived!!!!
A big thanks to Guy’s WoodShop. he loaned me his Fastool Track Saw to get this whole thing kicked out.
This was a good feeling to start seeing it come alive. I laid down on it to give you a idea of how long it is. I’m 6’2″ tall.

I got a chance to work outside as the weather just started to get nice out.
A few jigs was made to help with the processes. The left is a toe kick lay out jig. The right was setup for the dust collection port.

At the end of day two it was starting to look good.
This is where I’ll leave today. I have the second video link Here you can see it first before I release it.