Shop Hodgepodge

Sometimes you just need to clean and do some shop maintenance. That’s what this week was about. The shop has been a mess for a few weeks now and just had to clean it. I also bought a new upgrade for my table saw insert that I made about a month ago. The insert is working out well so I decided to buy the new Micro Jig MJ slitters. You may remember that Steve Carmichael put these in his insert. He said it seem to be working out well and that’s how I heard about them.

vlcsnap-00001Don’t worry I turn the Flash mode on and turned the camera speed to 1200 times. On film it took about 45 sec. In real life it took about one and half hours. It was pretty mess up.
vlcsnap-00005ZOOM, ZOOM. How awesome would that be to move that fast?
vlcsnap-00002Micro MJ Slitter great idea for those that make their own inserts and a great alternative to those that don’t have a riving knife.

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 vlcsnap-00004A set screw broke in my wood lathe shaft, here is the new shaft from Rikon.
Rikon customer service was outstanding they took care of me and had the part to me within a week.
vlcsnap-00013On my old shaft the set screw broke in side. In order to fix this it would have had to been drilled out then re-tapped. So not worth it when it still under warranty.
vlcsnap-00014Did take to many pictures putting this back together. The video was over 2hr long, I trimmed and turn flash mode on. Turned the speed up to about 900 times, not to bore you. My battery died in the middle of this process I think you get the gist. It was a pain in the Butt. While hammering the shaft in the back side bearing came out. Hammering the the back side the front would come out. I used the tail stock to hold the shaft in place the hammer the back bearing into place. A few hours later the lathe was back up a running great.
vlcsnap-00015Testing the lathe while making a quick pen. The pen blanks was already made up from a few weeks ago. It didn’t take long to test the lathe. Didn’t worry about the sanding to much just testing the lathe but the pen turn out great anyway.
vlcsnap-00016YEAH!!! I done ready for a nap. Thank for your support.  See you next week. Finally doing the computer hutch.