Shop Drawer

Add a Shop Drawer to the Table Saw Sled Cabinet

Another add on the the table saw sled cabinet. During the original build I mentioned that I wanted to add a drawer to the cabinet. Well I did. It turned out great a it is a large drawer. The only issue I have now, what to put in it? I thought maybe my camera equipment, cordless tool maybe hardware. This will have to be another day.
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An overall simple drawer to build four sides and a bottom. No fancy joint needed. Just being a shop drawer I went with glue, brad nails and screws. I glued the joints shot a brad nail to hold the side then secured them with screws.
Cut a board that fits into the dado’s that was already in the cabinet. These dado was added when the cabinet was built. Drilled a pilot hole one on each side. Then drove in a screw on each side.
Cut two sides, front and back. Ripped them to width, then used the cross cut sled and cut to length.

I played with some stop motion on this process take a look. This shows how I put it together.

After getting the frame put together I placed it on top of the plywood and traced the inside.
Cut the bottom out inserted it on the inside. I left about a 16th gap from the bottom of the frame. I pinned it in place and them drove in screws.
Added the drawer front. Placed screws from the inside.
I didn’t want to go get a drawer pull. I found a scrap piece of cherry and a short piece of t-track. I cut a rabbit in the cherry. Then screwed the t-track into the rabbit. Cross cut the assembly in half to make two drawer pulls. Predrilled the hole and mounted the handle in the middle.

Follow this cabinet from beginning to end.