Scrap Bin Challenge

Scrap Bin Project

Steve Carmichael, April Wilkerson, and Peter Brown. They put a scrap bin challenge on this year. The playlist can be found here. Don’t forget to show your support to all the entries and leave them comments, thumbs up and subscribe to them.

This was my entry to 2014 Scrap Bin Challenge.

Scrap Wood Projects (1)

 Choosing the wood for the scrap bin project.

Scrap Wood Projects (2)

 Larger scrap pieces stored in under the shelving units.

Scrap Wood Projects (3)

 The wood that was used was Alder, Purple Heart, and Cherry

Scrap Wood Projects (4)

 Gluing a few long pieces up for the three light pulls. Alder with Purple Heart in between.

Scrap Wood Projects (5)

 Clamping the three pieces while turning the handle.

Scrap Wood Projects (6)

 The handle was made from a scrap piece of Cherry. Setting the length of the handle is easy. Just set the handle down and mark a line.

Scrap Wood Projects (7)

 The Cherry was mounted to the lathe and it’s time to turn the shape.

Scrap Wood Projects (8)

 Referencing from the old handle, making all the transition points. Then using the calipers to determine the depth of cut.

Scrap Wood Projects (10)

 After getting the marks, you can use the lathe to extend the marks all the way around the piece. Set the pencil on the mark and rotate the piece to complete the circle.

Scrap Wood Projects (11)

After cutting the shape and using Boiled Linseed Oil, two coats. Part the piece off and it’s done.

Scrap Wood Projects (12)

For the light pulls Alder and Purple Heart was used. Mount a stick into the lathe rough it round. Drill a hole into the piece to glue in the chain.

Scrap Wood Projects (13)

 First pull, also finished with two coats of Boiled Linseed Oil and a layer of Bee’s Wax.

Scrap Wood Projects (14)

Second pull, different design same finish.

Third pull was a little larger design just to mix it up.

Scrap Wood Projects (16)Three light pulls, made for Scrap Wood. An awesome way to use up some scraps.

Scrap Wood Projects (17)New handle, old tool. Perfect way to keep old things alive and didn’t cost a dime.