Saw Dust Art

Saw Dust Art

Last year Steve Carmichael did a project for the scrap bin challenge. He took a glass vase and put saw dust of all kind of wood in it. It really turned out well. I was walking through a big box store and they had these glass center blocks on sale. I think I paid  $4 for it. The best part was it had a opening on the top to put what ever you want in it. When I seen it I thought of Steve’s vase and went ahead and picked it up. Over the last six or eight months, I have been putting some saw dust in this block. I always had the attention to mail it to Steve when filled. Well I took it a step further and build a frame around the block. What better material to use then the 2X4. That’s what this project is about.

Thank you Steve for being the person you are. Super cool dude and very inspiring person.

The hogging out of the 2X4 took the longest about 30min. The dado was 3/4 deep and 3″ wide. I started near the middle and just kept flipping the 2X4 until I reached the desired width.
vlcsnap-00010You can see hear why the wide dado.
It fits the block.
When your waiting for glue or finish to dry no better way to kill time then to do a quick hang out and shoot the breeze. We had this open for a while had a number of people swing by and say hi. Lots of fun.

vlcsnap-00021Wife supporting Steve,  her favorite woodworker. 

Here’s a few close ups of the saw dust the inside.


Hope you like it Steve it on it’s way to ya.