Plywood Cart

Plywood Cart with plans

Good friends at Tigerply .com and I is joining forces again. They are shipping me some plywood for a very large project coming up. They have agreed to fund my miter saw station that will be built this summer. You may remember the Yard connect four game – plans, Tigerply plywood was used for that project. The last time they shipped the plywood to me. It came on a semi-truck. The truck can not get close enough to the house to drop it. That’s why this cart was built. This cart can hold up to 24 sheet of plywood. Not that it would be easy to move with that many on it, but it can hold it. This will help with transporting the plywood from the truck to the shop, over 150ft. With multiple sheets of plywood being moved at once this will save my back. Plans are available in my shop. Plan are just one way you can help support the free content provided on YouTube. As always thank you for you support.

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Materials list is easy for this project wheels a 2×4’s need.
Chop saw to dimensions in the plans.
Lay out the base frame with the correct boards.
Predrill and screw the base frame together with glue.
Use a scrap 2×4 for spacer.
Line up the cross brace in the middle. Mark out for the next set of miter cuts. Trace the first 2×4 to the second 2×4 and cut it the same way.
The cross points are cross laps and need to be cut to fit. This can be done at the table saw with dado stack. Both cross braces are the same one just get turned upside down.
The uprights have a bridal joint. I cut mine with the band saw and the table saw. The gets attached to the frame with screws and carriage bolts.
Wheels are added and sanded only at the top where your hands will be.


If you need to move a lot of plywood a cart may be a good investment. Even if you only need it a few time this can easily be converted to a tool cart.

If you want full details with this build plans are available in my shop.