Plywood Cutting Board

Plywood Cutting Board with Inlay

The main purpose of this cutting board was to show off the TigerPly plywood. If you haven’t seen the connect four game yet go check it out. The plywood donated for that project was from TigerPly. I felt I could do a better job showing off the plywood by making a cutting board and really see the end grain of the ply. After making the board I still found no voids in the plywood. This make a great looking effect for a cutting board. Once I got done with the board I rememberedĀ David Picciuto’s video inlay cutting board. I thought it would be a good time to try that inlay technique and add my own inlays.

I started by gluing up 15-1.25 wide” 16″ long strips in to the main board. I ran the board through the surface sander to even everything out.
vlcsnap-00013I free handed this cut. All it is, is a guide for the router to follow. Just a eye pleasing curvy cut.

It doesn’t matter what straight bit you use as long as the bit diameter and the thickness of the total inlay material is the same. I used .25″ bit.
Used good double sided tape to press the guide template to the cutting board. Placement is entirely up to you. Set the router about .5″ deep and run the router against the template to create the curvy cut out. I choose to make two of them for more of a design element. You can pick as many as you want.
After routing the grove you can go to the band saw to cut within the grove to separate the board. Then using a flush trim bit follow the router cut to make the whole cut equal.
If you do more then one inlay, it might be easier to do them separate. This will make the glue up easier. Place the inlay parts in with glue, clamp the board and let it set.
Back to the surface sander to flatten the board.
I put a .5″ round over on both sides of the board. The on the short ends a .5″ cove for a lift point.
General Finish’s cutting board oil to finish the project.