Playing Cards Holder

I have a problem!!! When ever someone comes to my house and play cards, the cards some how always ended up on the floor. This may have something to do with a little bit of alcohol consumption, but this is no excuse to just drop my cards on the floor. Lets fix this problem in just a few minutes.

 Card Holder.PDF

Card Holder Video

vlcsnap-00004Stared with some old pallet wood planks. This pallet was made from Oak, after cleaning them up they looked great. Also milled to 3/8″ thick. I milled 4 of them.
vlcsnap-00005vlcsnap-00006Jointed one edge
vlcsnap-00007Cut the other side off to clean that edge.
vlcsnap-00008Stacked and glued all four pieces together
vlcsnap-00009Set in clamps for an hour or so…
vlcsnap-00011Using an old card holder as a reference I marked the length. The length is 10 1/2″
vlcsnap-00012Cut to length
vlcsnap-00013Again using the old one for reference set the width.  1 1/2″ or if i was smart enough I would have known that 4 times 3/8 equals 1 1/2


I also used to find the angle of the slices down the middle. The angle was 22 degrees


Rounded off the corners with an 1/8 round over bit.


Used the disc sander to hit the ends and round over those edges.


Howard Feed-N-Wax, if the end results doesn’t matter a whole lot this give a little protection and a bit of color. I have heard you can mix dies with this, but I’ve never done it.


Squeeze some on a rag in the palm of your hand.


Squeeze in through the rag and rub it on the project let it set for about ten minutes and buff it off. Repeat as needed.


Here is a good picture of the ends. You can see the two grooves down the center at two different heights.