Pizza Cutter (2015 Kitchen Utensil Build Challenge)

If you haven’t notice a large group of YouTube woodworkers got together and we all made a Kitchen Utensil, I’ll put the whole list and links at the bottom. This challenge was put out by Patrick Workshop, Nick Ferry, and Ted Alexander. Perfect way to reach a large group of people by everyone making a videos and releasing them all at the same time and day. Their was a few rules we had to follow.

1 Put the master  list all participants in the video description w/ links to channels. √ DONE
2 Put some where in your title “2015 Kitchen utensil build challenge.” √ DONE
3 Mention the challenge and that you have a list of participants in the description. √ DONE
4 Have fun!  √ DONE

 “Pizza Cutter Video

Lets get right to it!!!
Lets get right to it!!!
The blank is three pieces that has been glued up. Two Alder pieces and a piece of Walnut in the middle. Total end size was 8″ long by 2″ wide by 2″ thick.
The tail end has a very small round over. At the top, where the cutter insert goes, it has a generous cove coming down to 3/4″. I use the mic to make sure I didn’t go pass 3/4.  The handle area has a very gentle taper to fit my hand. You may want a different grip, this works for me.
Sanded three different grits. 120 grit, 150 grit, and 220 grit. Two coats of Boiled Linseed Oil, wait about ten minutes between coats. Using bees wax bar press it against the work piece until it melts then move along the entire piece. Once cover in wax, then take a clean terry cloth to buff the wax out. This make a great and quick finish.

2015  Kitchen Utensil Build Challenge Participants

Patrick’s Work ShopNick FerryTed AlexanderDIY TylerMcGinn’s WoodShop,
Rich McNattSteve CarmichaelDominic’s WoodworksAlistar Darroch,
Dale WeinkeStephan  PöhnleinAdventures in DIYM.F. Wood Shop,
Joe WhittakerPeter BrownSterling DavisThe Nomadic Polywright Show,
Cy’s CornerJason RauschRock-n-H WoodshopNKWB,
Andrea ArzensekWildman ProjectsFabian’s Tiny WorkshopDarbin Ovar,
Wood ‘n’stuff w/ Steve FrenchIzzy SwanGrady HillhouseChris Pine,
Matthew CremonaEric LindbergJack HouwelingRJB WoodTurner,
Nicholas GomezMark ChritopherJay BatesWoodworking ManiakSummers Woodworking