Pens, Pens and more Pens

The wife and I turned three pens!!!

IMG_6829The middle and the right are for a give away. You have to check out my FaceBook page to get the details. In this blog I will explain the process of making and teaching how to make them. My wife never turned anything before and did a awesome job on the pen on the left. Don’t forget to go to my YouTube Channel and give her thumbs ups and leave her a comment.

Pens (3)I walked Andrea though the setup of mounting the pen blank into the pen mandrill. If you don’t know this setup: The mandrill hold everything together while turning. The mandrill is loaded into the head stock.
1) Bushing slides on
2) one half of the pen blank
3) Bushing
4) The other half of the blank
5) Bushing
6) Washer
7) The brass nut
8) The tail stock slides into the mandrill to hold it stable.
Pens (4)I took my time and explained every little hand movement before let Andrea try her first cut. She really took to it quit easily.
Pens (5)She did the second half of the blank as I shown her what to do with the first half. She started using the easy lathe tool first then moved to the the roughing gouge.
Pens (6)I did the finial clean up cut.
Pens (7)Andrea did the sanding, I walked her through the grits and shown her what to look for after each step.
Pens (8)On this pen we burned two lines in the top of the pen. Using speaker wire with firm pressure.
Pens (9)Here is all the parts need to put together this style pen. All the pens are slimline pens. The kits can be purchased online and/or Woodcraft and Rockler.
Pens (11)After putting together the pens here is the end projects.
Pens (14)Andrea was all to ready to turn bowls next. The bug got her this day and we would have been in the shop for hours on end if I had bowl blank in stock. Even though Steve Carmichael is her favorite woodworker, I’ll still show her how to turn a bowl.
Loved working in the shop with Andrea She took to the Lathe quit well and look forward to showing her more thing on the lathe. She was so proud of the pen she made all by herself she want to get on the Hangout with other YouTube Workers and do her show and tell. They Loved the pens as well.
Thanks for your support.