Pen Press

Pen Press


A huge Thank you to Laney Shaughnessy for the plans. Laney made this pen press a while back. He did a two part video explaining the whole process. Video 1, Video 2 Here are the links.

vlcsnap-00010With Laney’s plans and his video instructions this projects was very simple.

vlcsnap-00014The plans called for three 1/4″ rods. I’m using a pipe cutter to cut the rods to size. The rod is inserted into the drill and I hold the pipe cutter while the drill does the work.

vlcsnap-00016I’m using the router to make the 1/4″ grove for the slide tail piece. Laney uses the drill press and makes several holes in a row. Both are good ways to do it.

vlcsnap-00017I use the drill press with a 5/8″ forstner bit to make the slight recess for the head of the flange bolt. Should do this before the previous step it will make it a little easier.

 vlcsnap-00023The only change I made to Laney’s plans was this piece here. I made mine larger, it seem to help make the plunger go in smoother and with little movement.

 webThanks you.