Pallet Project


Sterling Davis put on a Pallet Project in December 2014. The entry I made was a magazine rack/Shelf units. This project was also a commission build. My boss, at my full time job, wanted these made for Christmas. He got the pallet for me and I built the project for him. The only condition was I needed to film it for YouTube. Witch you can find the link above.

Tearing the pallet apart was the biggest challenge. I started by cutting the pallet in half with replicating saw. This was done for a few reasons. First it was easier to handle, second there was a log branded into the side a the pallet. I wanted use this logo as apart of the design. The logo was in the wrong location for my design. This is the main reason I took apart the entire pallet.

While the pallet was apart I used that opportunity to plane one side of each board. I lightly sanded the other side and cut each board to length. Now the everything cleaned up and to length I can reassemble the pallet using the old nails.

Check out the Playlist for the pallet challenge produced by Sterling Davis on YouTube. Lots of pallet project produced for this challenge.