Miter Saw Fence 2

Miter Saw Fence Upgrades

I’ve had some great comments on the last fence I made and this new fence is the results of those comments. Some of the comments where things I was already thinking about doing and some where great ideas to incorporate. Lets upgrade the fence I made a few weeks ago.

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MF Joints B1

MF Joints Basic #1

From time to time I’ve  have to look up a joint. Whether its to find out what its called or find out how to cut it. What I’ve found is no real good source for them. I found some decent ones, but not quite what i’m after. So I decided to start my own data base and bring you along with me. Start off with the standard joints that you most likely know. I’ll continue to build on the list and share it with you.  Continue reading “MF Joints B1”

Plywood Cart

Plywood Cart with plans

Good friends at Tigerply .com and I is joining forces again. They are shipping me some plywood for a very large project coming up. They have agreed to fund my miter saw station that will be built this summer. You may remember the Yard connect four game – plans, Tigerply plywood was used for that project. The last time they shipped the plywood to me. It came on a semi-truck. The truck can not get close enough to the house to drop it. That’s why this cart was built. This cart can hold up to 24 sheet of plywood. Not that it would be easy to move with that many on it, but it can hold it. This will help with transporting the plywood from the truck to the shop, over 150ft. With multiple sheets of plywood being moved at once this will save my back. Plans are available in my shop. Plan are just one way you can help support the free content provided on YouTube. As always thank you for you support.

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Mini Beer Pong w/plans

Mini Beer Pong with plans

Are you looking for that one thing that can make a party go from good to great. This maybe what your looking for. Not only is it a conversational piece, its a game that can be played with up to four people at a time. A way to get away from reality and just plan fun. Easy to build, DIY project could be made from scrap wood you have already. If you don’t already have to materials it won’t cost that much as low as $10-$20.

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10,000 Subscribers

10,000 Subscribers

On May 9th, 2014 at 3:45pm I uploaded my first YouTube video. With no attention of gaining traction or any followers. I uploaded a video to enter a contest put on by Summers Woodworking. I made a deck on wooden playing cards from a 2×4. It was not a great video just a slide show of picture. Now nearly three years later. I have built and reach one of my goals. I could not be more pleased with the woodworking community and my followers. 10,000 subscribers, WOW!!!!

Thank You so much!!!

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Soldering Station

Soldering Station

Sometimes things on your todo list just get pushed back and back. While building the DeWalt Scooter. I needed to repair a lot of wires and make new connections. I wanted to solder them and I did. What I quickly found out. I need a third hand to hold the wires together. Also had a hard time keeping all the item at one station. I fix these issue today. The Soldering station has a third hand also stores the soldering iron and the solder all in one place.

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DeWalt Themed Scooter

DeWalt Themed Mobility Scooter

While at the woodworking show in Indianapolis. My wife and I seen several mobility scooter at the venue. While holding all the stuff I bought and trying to find somewhere to sit to eat, one of these carts com rolling through with his products and a his food. I thought to myself that would be perfect for a place like this. So the next day, more out of curiosity then anything I looked on Craigslist for a mobility cart. I found a listing for $25.00, after reading the description I came to the conclusion that this cart worked and the owner just didn’t know how to fix the wiring. The owner just wanted to get rid of it. So I went after it. hints to the beginning of the build.

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IsoTunes give away

IsoTunes Give Away/Winner announcement

Pete and Eric Murphy from IsoTunes was nice enough to give me a set of noise cancellation earbuds. I have been using them for about two weeks now and I really enjoy them. I have notice a few things like the weight and balance. The don’t hang to one side or the other. It also keeps my phone out of the shop elements, because I don’t have to use the phone to mute or take a call. This has sold me on the product along with the great sound and hearing protection. Let me tell ya, if you didn’t use protection before or not much at all, after a day of using these you will realize how loud your machines are. I want you to enjoy them as well. Lets do a give away.

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Second Channel

Adding a Second Channel

I have been on the fence for a while about adding a second channel to YouTube. I have decided to pull the trigger. I though it might be better in the long run to have it and not need it, then need it and not have it.  This will free up the main channel for just projects. This will get to my core audience a more one on one experience and let me do anything I want on the second channel, be more myself.

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