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Note Pad (1)

Started with ripping 4 1/2″ inch wide board. Ripped about 50 inches worth. I made three, this is why I need so much. All the wood is 3/8″ thick.

Note Pad (3)

I then setup a dado blade (3/4″ stack). I set the fence 1/2″ from the blade. Ran a very shallow dado 1/16″. Then turned the board 180 degrees and ran the piece again.

Note Pad (6)

Moved the fence out about 3/4″ and repeated the process until I had a 3 1/2″ dado at 1/16″ deep. As you see in this picture.

Note Pad (7)

Began to cross cut the piece into 1″ and 2″ wide piece, Sense I made three note pads two for work and one for home. I needed three of each piece.

Note Pad (8)

Use 4 1/2″ board without the dado in it and cross cut 5″. Again I need three.

Note Pad (9)

Now you’ll need a 8″ piece, I needed three of course.

Note Pad (10)

The 5″ piece needs 45 degrees on the long sides. I used the belt sander, but you could use the table saw as well. I wanted them more of a round toward the top the belt sander made quick work of this.

Note Pad (11) Every piece got glued and clamped. The 5″ part with the 45 degrees is placed 1″ from the end of the 8″ piece. I used the 1″ dado-ed part to spaced it and squared it.

Note Pad (12)

I then glued and pin nailed  1″ and the 2″ dado-ed part to each side, this should fill up the entire 8″ board.

Note Pad (13)

I cut 2 1/2″  X  1″ X  3/8″ piece and drilled a 3/8″ hole in the center and 5/8″ down from on edge. You need two of these for each Not Pad you build.

Note Pad (14)

Chisel out 1/16″ deep. 1″ x 3/4″. Centered on the 2″ board as shown here.

Note Pad (15)

I cut a scrap MDF 3 1/2″ wide to help keep the supports square while the glue sets up a bit. I turned it over and put in two pin nails on each support to hold while the glue completely dries.

Note Pad (17)

Optional, I put drawer liner on the bottom so it would scratch my desk or slide around. This was just spay glued on and trimmed.

Note Pad (18)

I hope you got to this point the end on the piece should look like this.

Note Pad (19)

Here the other end.

Note Pad (20)

3/8″ Dowel rod 4 1 /2″ long.

Note Pad (21)