Music Wall Art

Music Wall Art

Near the beginning of the school year my daughter started band, she playing the alto saxophone, the same instrument I played when I was in school. I had this idea to make a music stand. The back board was going look like sheet music. Well my first attempt failed and was unable to find a good way to do it. So I decide to finish the back part of it and create wall art instead. Here’s how it came out, a Scroll Saw project.

These are the templates I used to cut out with the Dewalt DW788. Blade of choose is Flying Dutchman #7

Not much to explain here. The wood was cherry. I milled the boards to 1/2″ thick. I made a panel wide enough and long enough to cover the scroll saw pattern. Covered the entire panel with painters tape. Then spay glued the pattern on top of the tape. On top of being an easy clean up it also provides some cooling of the scroll saw blade. Cut around the black area of the template. I kept hitting the back of the machine do to the pattern being so big. I just had to cut from another direction on some cuts.

This picture was taken when Bob, Cory and Guy came to the shop. Click for more

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