MMM #11

Rich McNatt


“I enjoy building things, Lathe work and Case work are my go to, but I do metal work and a number of other projects as well, It just so happens that I get to make my living doing what I enjoy. I hope you enjoy my channel this is my ” PLAY TIME” for the most part but I hope you find enjoyment and inspiration in what I offer.”
After Looking at several ideas on sand paper dispensers. I really like the simplicity of this design. I’m also taking away an idea I haven’t seen on other wall hanging dispensers. The added heck saw blade to cut the paper will be a extra bonus for me when I build mine. Thanks you Rich for the great idea and keep up the good work.
The pass few months Rich and I have been on several hangouts together and what I can tell. Rich is quit, but down to earth Hes is a very talented individual crafting many bowls and putting his own touch on on each one. He burns pattern on the bowls, to come up with, what can only be called Awesome. A little intel on Rich he is getting a new camera soon and I cant wait to see how it going look. Drop by his channel and tell him I sent you.


My YouTube Sign

I made this last year the inside piece was made from a couple of scrap pieces of paneling. I cut the triangle out then painted it red. Then I placed the other piece behind the red one. Once I got the sign right, I frames it out with pine and panted it black. The inside part of the frame was tapered inward just a little. I think this gives it the unique appearance.
Thanks you for reading my blog, I really enjoy the MMM addition to the site.