MMM #9

MMM #9

Jason Rausch works for NASA, with out a doubt he is one of the Smartest guys I’ve met. He does a lot of electronic work that you may have seen on a few videos of his. During the AWL video he mentioned that he was at WIA 2014 and Jack Houweling gave him the inspiration for making the AWL.
This AWL I’m classifying, keep it simple Stupid (KISS). The handle was made from walnut with a simple shape and the sixteen penny nail as the AWL. It don’t get easier then that. Great job on the AWL.

This paragragh was copied from his about me page on his YouTube Channel I would encourage you to check his channel out and subscribe.
Welcome to my channel! By day, I am an RF/Electronics technician for the NASA Wallops Flight Facility. By night, I own and run RPC Electronics, LLC. (If you are interested in electronics and/or amateur radio, please check out our company YouTube page). I have many hobbies, but woodworking has quickly become on of my favorites. I like going into the shop and just starting to cut, build, turn, whatever comes to mind. I’m still learning a lot, but I’m making some progress and trying to make videos as I do it. Hopefully I can learn from mistakes and when I show them, help you prevent from making the same ones.

I was really new to the YouTube World when I made this video. I still don’t think a gave good enough credit to Cap’n Eddie Castelin. He is the one that inspired me to make this. This (KISS) Jig has saved me over $70. Thanks you Cap’n Eddie hope you get well soon.

Thanks again for taking your time a viewing my site.

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Here's the I made
Here’s the AWL I made