MMM #8

MMM #8

Steve Carmichael; A true outgoing, fun and creative guy. If you want the definition of creative check out Steve channel.

The fishing lure display stand video was one of my favorites last year. He took a simple design and what could have been a boring video he turned it around and made it fun and entertaining.

vlcsnap-00028All the wives love him, he is their favorite woodworker!

vlcsnap-00027If you need plans for his fishing lure stands he has a PDF on his website. Check out his website On his website he has lots of information, great blogs and a shop. Steve was also featured in Wood Magazine, March 2015, pg 18-19. He also was one of the YouTubers that received a CNC machines. I cant wait to see what he comes up with using the CNC.

IMG_6688The technique I used is called inside out turning. The heart shape has been a little battle for me. Every time I went to make the heart shape, the project would break on the lathe. I finally got it to come OK. I made the Glasses for my Wife. I gave these to my wife for our 14th Wedding Anniversary.