MMM #7

Mike’s Mindful Minutes #7

You must be living under a rock if you have never heard of Drew Short at Rock-n H Woodshop.

This is a fun channel, but what makes it fun is Drew. He has the hair, he has the smile, Oh Ya, he knows woodworking. I would say he is known for his Ultimate Table Saw Cabinet. I know him as a outgoing fun guy that also love to make stuff out of wood. If by some reason your not subscribed to him. DO IT NOW!!! His web site is up and running with plans,  blogs, and a shop to buy cool shirts, hats and projects.

His Monster Inc. themed corn hole game. Turned out very well. Even if he cheats by standing two feet from the hole.
My Corn hole game was made almost like Drew’s minus the pink and purple paint. The picture does show it, but now it has purple heart border around each board to hide the plywood edges. I ended up using the outdoor finish from Izzy Swan. It also turned well and had lots of fun with them last summer.
Looking forward to getting to playing this year.