MMM #4


2X4 Table

Table was build from a picture I received from Facebook. Not sure who’s design it is.

IMG_1054The table was constructed from a signal pine 2X4. With a series of 45 degree cuts the 2×4 can be erected to form a pretty nice little table. The small insert on the top is beginning to bow on me, but this can easily fix by replacing it with something more stable. I think glass or plastic would be a good option. The bowl setting on the of the table will be feature soon, more to come on that.

  vlcsnap-00003Peter Brown’s

“The epoxy King of the World”

How to Make A Copper Penny Serving Tray

If you haven’t seen Peter Brown video’s, I’m telling your missing out. Peter uses a lot of different materials such as cooper, epoxy, wood….

He just recently got into playing with his video editing Technic. With the split screen showing himself or his eval self, its fun to watch.

Whatever he is doing, its always fun to watch. He is one of a few people that you can sit all night and watch his videos.

Thank you Peter for the video’s and its always fun talking to you.