MMM #3

On Air Sign

On Air Sign was build similar to Bob’s at “I Like to Make Stuff


The main reason I wanted the sign, was to let my family know not to disturb me while recording. At the time I had no experience editing video and wasn’t sure if my software would be able to edit any interruption out. The sign uses 8AA batteries and shooting at least one video a week they last about 6 months. The LED, Light Emitted Diodes, draw very little power. They also are very bright, giving plenty of light for the sign. A simple box construction and wiring the switch in line with the battery pack in straight forward. If you have any additional question feel free to contact me.


Cottage Style Dog House

Jay Bates what can I say.  You all know him, you all watch his video, and you all love it. Jay has a way of explaining things in detail without really explaining thing. Jay has a fantastic web site He offers free wood working plans and some very detailed paid plans such as this dog house.  He runs a successful shop, website and two YouTube channels. He even doing most of the video production on a third channel Home & Garden for Mere Mortals. Jays very busy but he always seem to want to help other woodworker such as myself. I’ve talked to him about several things website, videos, SketchUp, the list goes on…
Thanks you Jays for the great video and your help, some day I’ll stop bugging you, but not today.