Miter Saw Fence 2

Miter Saw Fence Upgrades

I’ve had some great comments on the last fence I made and this new fence is the results of those comments. Some of the comments where things I was already thinking about doing and some where great ideas to incorporate. Lets upgrade the fence I made a few weeks ago.

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Original design

Second Design
To this point the fence has the same  setup as the last fence video . That video is provided at the top if you want to know how I set this up. The only thing I changed was I added a piece of hard wood on the top.
To add the t-track. I setup a dado blade and ran cuts to make a groove along the front of the fence. Test fit the track, marked and cut the t-track. Then inserted the track and mounted. I cut the fence out the same way as the last one. Refer to first video.
One suggestion was to add dust collection to the back of the fence. I had some tubing that might work for this. I drilled two holes in the back of the fence. Having a drill press that can tilt and have the depth is nice for projects like this.
One thing I needed to make was a manifold for my dust collection. I had some scrap plywood, two layers glued together. Roughly cut a circle then mounted a face plate to it. At the lathe I made it fit the dust port.
I drilled two holes into the manifold block. This fits the other side of the tube that goes to the fence.
Mounted the new fence and squared it to the blade.
Hooked up the fence tubes and tested the cut, Not bad, but could be better.
Tried to add a piece of wood on the top to trap the dust lower so the air can capture the dust. This did not work
I added a third hose to the manifold. This hooks up at the factory hose port. This was a lot better and where I left this project. I found out that funding for my miter saw station came through. So the miter station is going to take care of all these dust issue I have. 
I hope this give you some ideas to try yourself . I would love to see what you came up with. If you decide to do some to your fence. I think my next step would have been a shop vac option. I believe this would give more suction and better results. After that go more into the trapping the dust in front of the saw so the suction can capture the dust. Maybe a rubber boot between the saw bed and the slide?