Mini Shop Updates

Mini Shop Updates

I have to give credit where its due. Paul Akers founder of Fastcap has this great speaking event in Boston. He posted this video on YouTube a few weeks ago. He talks  about Lean Manufacturing. In the simplest terms, its a process of making things faster and easier.  He really motivates you to think differently about the way you work. The best part is, it dosen’t take much and its makes you think about the little things that can you save time. This was the motivation of these updates and many more to come.

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A drawer for my forstner bit and extra area for more expansion. My forstner bit has been stored for years up under my cabinet mounted to a old 2×4. This was a problem because it was so close to the cabinet I had to bend down and look up to see which one I needed. Plus they weren’t labeled. Now I just pull out a drawer and look down an see witch one I need. All of them are labeled and very easy to see.
First thing I did was to find or cut a board to fit in the area I needed it. The front of the drawer was the best spot for me. I took that board and entered the measurements in Sketchup and laid out the bits center point. This evenly spaced everything and gave me the point to transfer to the board. Next, I Drilled holes for the shaft of the forstner bit on all the points and mounted the board in the drawer. I Then placed the bit in the holders facing up easy to see and read the size. Then for future use place Kaizen Foam in the back part of the drawer.
I have been needing to make a home for paper towels for a long time. This might sound to simple to put in an update like this, but having the materials you need at hand, where you need them is all apart of being lean. I found myself always looking for paper towels because i never had a home for them. now there are two homes for them. One right next to the lathe, where i use them most. The other is right next the the clamps, at arms length from my assembly table.
Take a few scraps of plywood. I used a square piece Found center by crossing the corners. Rounded off two corners, then sanded and rounded the edges of three sides. leave the wall mounted side flat and square. drilled a hole the size of my dowel about 1/2″ deep in the middle. finished drilling through with a 5/32″ drill bit and counter sink on both top and bottom. Glued the dowel in place and drove a 1″ screw threw the bottom into the dowel. Put two pocket holes on the base and mounted this to the wall.
One of the simplest update just moving this around and trying it. I put the compressor under the assembly table because that’s where i need it the most. For now the newly ACQUIRED heater fills up the space where the compressor was. If the compressor lives here in the future I will fill the heater space up with either drawers or maybe a mini REFRIGERATOR to hold my beer Mt dew.
One of my FAVORITE updates is my marking drawer. This drawer is located real close to the assembly table where i do most of my lay out. I added a second tier to the drawer for more storage and to SEPARATE the most used for the others. lined both tiers with Kaizen Foam to protect the DIGITAL tools and to keep things nice and clean.
Makers note: this method is near PERMEATE. I used drawer slides for the upper tier. By doing this the only way to remove the upper tier is to remove the screws from the slides. You will not be able to get your fingers in to hit the release pins to SEPARATE the slides.
Start with getting a measurement for the upper tier. you want to MEASURE the width and SUBTRACT 1″. MEASURE the length then divide by 2 and subtract 1/2″. Pick out slides that are no more then the length of your upper tier. I used 10″ but could have used 14″. I ripped down scrap 1/2″ plywood to the thickness of the Kainzen foam i ordered 1 1/8″. CONSTRUCTED a simple frame of the drawer with glue and STAPLES. Added a 1/4″ bottom with glue and pin nails. Then added the SLIDES to the drawer for the upper tier. next I added the inside part of the slides to the main drawer flush with the top. this resulted in the upper tier flush with the main drawer. I lined both tiers with Kaizen foam. and start laying out my tools. I put most used on the top tier. then the second most used on bottom tier in the front. then the next set of most used in the back part or bottom tier.
The next upgrade is not really an upgrade, but it will help with being organized and i feel its worth mentioning. Centriq app found on Itunes or google play. this app you can organize and keep track of your shop tools and much more. You can take pictures and the ID tag and store them on your phone. Once you enter a tool or product. Centriq will do the rest. It will take over and then download the user manual and give you links to ACCESSORies. Then you can refer to the app for blade size, sand paper size, etc. You can even take pictures of the RECEIPT to keep track of warranty and purchased dates. i find myself at the store and come ACROSS something that would be perfect for a PARTICULAR tool, but i need the model number to make sure it will work with my tool. i hope this will help with that. Also Picture yourself at a woodworking show. They are selling table saw inserts at a good price. you can’t remember what your saws model number is to get the right insert. This app is perfect for that. you can also add DIFFERENT areas of your whole house Kitchen and living room. Add all your APPLIANCE to the app as well. always have the information to your FURNACE so you don’t waste time buying the wrong filters. Speaking of filters check out the next upgrade.

Filter easy Is a very simple way to keep your furnace filter changed. you can set it up to have your filter shipped right to your door when you need it. Take this to the next level for your shop. If you have a air cleaner home made or a name brand, you can get those filters delivered as well. i have setup my furnace filter to be sent every 3 months and my Rikon Air cleaner every 6 months. Check out Filter easy.


I hope this helps. leave me a comment with your upgrades to make your shop life easier or faster.