Makers Care Boeing 747

Boeing 747 Air Plane

Steve Ramsey wanted to draw awareness to the make-a-wish foundation. He also created a new web site Makers Care. It’s purpose is to raise money for the Make-A-Wish foundation. His act is asking everyone to make an air plane. He says, “one of the high expense Make-A-Wish has is travel” his idea was to make an air plane using any material you want. Obviously I choice wood, maple to be exact. On with the build.

The wings was really easy, but it also took the longest. Cutting the rough shape was simple and fast. Sanding and shaping took some time. I also mortise the wings into the body of the plane itself.
I wanted to get on the lathe this week and this project was a good chance to so. The body of the plane and the engine was very easy. I just looked at the picture and copied it. The engines was a little tricky because there was two. If you haven’t notice it’s hard to make them match.
If you follow me on Facebook you know that I just got a new scroll saw DeWalt 788. I needed to use it on something so I cut the tail wings out.