Mail Box Post Logo

Logo on the Mail Box

You may remember my mail box post video last year. The original plan was to cut out different seasonal signs to put on the over hanging section on back of the mail box post, maybe even holiday signs. I was going to do this with the CNC when I had it. I don’t have the CNC anymore so I went with a more permanent solution. A portion of my logo fits perfectly in this space. A good size for me was about seventeen inches. That’s the size I made my logo for this project.

I had a few prints made up. My dimensions of the logo was 17″. I spray glued the pattern or logo to three glued up pieces of cedar to match the rest of the mail box post.
I used the scroll saw to cut the outside shape. I used a #5 Spiral blade. Flying Dutchman has these blades at a great price.
After getting the outside shape cut. I traced the MF portion of the logo with a straight edge and a marking knife. Then pealed off black area leaving MF on the board. I gently pealed off the MF so I can restick them of the back side. I took a pencil to highlight the score lines. This will make it easier to see when I routing.
I carefully routed the MF about 1/4″ deep. I did this free hand and was able to get pretty close to the lines. I redefined some of the lines with a chisel not shown in the video.
This is a good time to sand away any lines or in perfection. After the next step to will be very hard to sand without messing up the piece.


If you remember my Yard Yahtzee game I used Amazing casting resin to fill the Dots. This is that same resin. I wanted to test the resin in outdoor conditions. I want to know if it melts in the heat or cracks in the cold. The sign has been outside in heat, colder temps and rain. So far it’s holding up well.
I added two “I” hooks to the top of the logo and the bottom of the mail box post. I added a sort piece of chain between the hooks to hang the sign.
Although your most likely not going to hang my logo up on your main box. Hopefully this will give you ideas of your own.