Light Diffuser

Light Diffuser

I noticed that my camera light was shining off my table saw so I made some light diffuser to help stop this issue. A simple design and it works well. I user curtain material as the diffuser although I think the diffuser material would be a lot better. I don’t have a camera shop in my town so I still need to order some and try it out.


Start with the 12″ square I stacked three of them on top of each other. I found center by connecting the corners and drawing a line. Punched the center with my Awl. The I took a scrap piece of wood and drilled two holes 5″ apart. One hole goes to the center with a nail. The another I stuck a pencil a drew a circle. I added two screws on the inside of the circle. Then I cut them out on the band saw.


The bulk of the work is done at this point.
Using my new router lift from last week video. This was a very simple process.
vlcsnap-00013Place the part on top of the curtain and cut it to width and length.
vlcsnap-00016Here is a crappy picture of three light sample. The first is on filter. Second has one layer of curtain, and the third has two layer.