Lathe Wall Update

Lathe Area wall update

In the never ending setup of the shop. I have changed a few things on the lathe wall. With the an addition of a few new items and some lathe tool holders.
Lathe tool holder. First cut some scraps of MDF. Cut some left over PVC pipe with a 45ยบ angle on one side. On that side drill a hole for a screw. Then screw the PVC to the MDF, OMG right!!!
This is a great way to add shelves to peg board. Drill holes into the edge of a board. The holes I needed was 1/4″ yours maybe be smaller or larger. The hole will have to line up with the pegboard holes, keep that in mind. I cut my pegs down to 3″ then inserted the pegs into the holes. Then just hang the shelf.
This may not apply to you. My camera mount I use is a little odd. I took another scrap board and made a long groove to fit my mount tight. After I got the mount to fit well, I then cut the long board down into several small female mounts. Now I can place those mount all over the shop or put them on all tripods.
I left the face shield off the wall so I would remember to put it on every time.
vlcsnap-00022Now I have plenty of room to add more. I still want a sand paper dispenser waiting to get the paper before I make it.
Thank you for watching, leave me a comment if you know of good design for a sand paper dispenser.