IsoTunes give away

IsoTunes Give Away/Winner announcement

Pete and Eric Murphy from IsoTunes was nice enough to give me a set of noise cancellation earbuds. I have been using them for about two weeks now and I really enjoy them. I have notice a few things like the weight and balance. The don’t hang to one side or the other. It also keeps my phone out of the shop elements, because I don’t have to use the phone to mute or take a call. This has sold me on the product along with the great sound and hearing protection. Let me tell ya, if you didn’t use protection before or not much at all, after a day of using these you will realize how loud your machines are. I want you to enjoy them as well. Lets do a give away.

IsoTunes Standard set – Offers 26nrr and 4 hour battery. My favorite feature is the magnetic earbuds.

IsoTunes Pro set – Offers 27nrr and 10 hour battery. My favorite feature is the battery life.

Mute the world and sign up for this awesome give away! Stop by IsoTunes to check out these great products. OH, YA, these are OSHA approved.

Congratulations Chad Warwick