Inventables Tour and Interview

After contacting Inventables, maker of the X-Cave 3D carver, my wife and I got to tour the facilities. Michael Una gave us a complete tour of the offices and warehouse. One thing I was very surprised on was the amount of inventory they squeeze into the second floor of the building. Let me tell you, they had all the parts for the X-Carve and material you wouldn’t think they would have. How many place you go that have temperature sensitive flexible sheets and stacks of plywood? With a high standard quality control in place to make sure you get your order right. Inventables can be a great source of odd and useful materials.

One part of the tour that was very cool was how many awesome projects people has sent them or that they made in the test/employee workshop. They was working on a a pair of eye glasses made from wood and trying to cut them out using the Carvey. They did stop the machine right in the middle of the cut to give me a close up. The machine then picked right up where it left off and began cutting. Something I didn’t think about you may have to do from time to time. It’s good to know that you can.
We went around and seen all the different departments. From customer service to the software engineers. Everyone was so cool to talk to and they all seem like they loved working for Inventables. It’s rare to see a a team of employees get along and really love what they do. This, I can imagine makes going to work fun and less stressful. Most likely have a better outcome of productivity.
 After the tour I got to sit down with Zach Kaplan, founder and CEO. What a great person. When I asked him what kind of feed back he has been getting from the YouTube community one of his responses was “Bill Joy said The smartest people in the world do not work for your company” We trying embracing all those smart people and bring the idea to life. What can you say to that? It’s perfect logic.
Zach got invited to go to the White House. President Obama announced a national week of making. A group of educators was present and the Office of Science and Technology Policy was asking companies and individual if they was interested in helping the country more 3D illiterate. Inventabales step up and is now coordinating and giving out fifty X-Carves, one to each state. You can read more on this awesome gesture from Inventable blog.

You can check out the tour and the interview below. One is an edited version the other is full length. As always thank you for your support.