Hickory Box

Hickory box with Gorilla glue finish

I set out to accomplish two things with this build. One I wanted to try this new finish method I learned from “Ask This Old House” The showed a method of using Gorilla Glue for a finish and it turn out awesome. It looked easy enough so I wanted to do it. Second, I never build a box using grain matching techniques before. I wanted the grain to wrap around the box, also book match the lid panel.  That was the whole plan behind this build.

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Sense I was trying to make the grain match around the box. I needed to first make sure I had good setup of table saw. I took my time making sure the blade was 45° Making the cuts using the miter gauge paying close attention to the measurement and grain.
With the remainder piece of my 1 X 6. I cut two boards long enough to make the bottom and lid. These both get re-sawed in half, I used the table saw. To make the book match parts just open the re-saw and glue those edges together. This made a wide enough panel the cover the top and bottom of the box.
The panel gets a rabbet all the way around the perimeter. The panel ended up being 1/4″ thick. So the rabbet was 1/8″ deep and 1/4″ wide. Setup a sacrificial board the plug the dado stack into. and adjust the fence to 1/4″ from the outside of the blade.
The box sides need a groove for the panels that are 1/4″ deep and 1/8″ wide. The is easy with a single flat bottom blade.

Gorilla Glue as a finish!!!! Yes, I used the glue to put a finish on this box.

Don’t do what I did. Finish the inside of the box first then complete the build of the box.

I was learning this new finish. so, here is what I’ve learned about it. This finish looks great, its hard to do, and it takes time. With that being said I think it could be easier after a few time of doing it. Apply a few dots of glue of the work surface.  You have to work the glue into the wood. If you can get a swirling action going on it that would be best. I had a hard time to get that action. It wasn’t until I heated the glue a little a got to work with the glue a bit better. Maybe new bottle of new and the right applicator and technique this could be a great use of the glue. During the glue drying you have to smooth out the glue I found a razor blade was good for this. After the glue is cured sand smooth. A good thing is one coat is plenty.

A coat of wax
Rubbing in a circular motion and buffing out completes this project. The hardware is simple hinges and a latch is what I went with, but I think an unique hinge and latch set would be better.
Before you notice Yes i know the latch is upside down. The latch I bought only worked in this.

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