Heirloom Cross/Crucifix

Heirloom Cross/Crucifix

Earlier this month my Aunt Pam passed away. She spent her life as a Sister of the Holy Cross. She dedicated her life to God. She also inspired me to build my Grandmother Crucifix, witch was her mothers. I have had this cross in my house for years and always wanted to build one. While the family was in South Bend, IN. during the funeral. We stayed over night at the campus of the Holy Cross. Within the campus they had some great wood pieces that I drew inspiration from. By the time I left I knew I wanted to build a replication of my Grandmother Cross. Here is the process.

vlcsnap-00009The cross that I replicating has some special meaning to me. I was very careful while handling it in the shop. Inside this cross holds two candles and Holy water.
I took measurement off the original Cross to make this one. There is two crosses I have to make. A large and Smaller one. From here on out I’ll call the large one Cross 1 and the smaller one Cross 2. On cross 1, I ripped the board to 1 3/4″ width. Cross 2 ripped to 1 5/8″ width. The cross cut for cross 1: it was 12 3/4″ and 7 3/4″. Cross 2: it was 5 1/2″ and 10 7/16″.


Cross 2 in a thinner at a 1/2″. Cross 1 was 13/16″ thick.
Each cross gets half laps. Here I have a test piece to sneak up the the right table saw blade height. I really wanted a tight fit, as you can see it was. I ended up using last week project to hammer them down.
vlcsnap-00020Once the width of one side of the half lap was done. I put the smaller piece of the cross in place and used a marking knife and marked for the second half lap.
You may need to watch the video on this part. The link will take right there. The point is on cross 1 there is a grove routered in this fit the candles and Holy Water. After the groove I need to clean up the roundness left from the router bit.
This joint was very tight had to use the mallet to get them in.
Here’s where some trial fit come in play. A 3/16 brace pin was placed on cross 1 at top and bottom. Those pins fit into the 3/16 brace tube placed on cross 2. Cross 2 also gets a key hole slot. The fit inline with a screw place on cross 1. Check link
vlcsnap-00036This is why I love this cross


 Crucifix from Amazon, Candles from Amazon Oil of Healing From Family Christian Store